• In the mood for some chicken and rice soup? Check out my mom's recipe here!

    The BEST Chicken and Rice Soup

    I know that chicken and rice soup sounds like a winter time meal, but since the North East hasn’t decided yet which season it wants to be in, it still sounds good to me! Seriously though, in Massachusetts, we have been getting a mix of snow, rain, and sun almost daily. This is how people get sick!!! My mom always makes this chicken soup whenever one of us is sick, so I figured it would be perfect to share with you! I have to admit, when I was younger I HATED when Mom made chicken and rice soup. I’m actually still not much of a soup person – I think…

  • If you've been thinking about subscribing to a beauty box, check out an inside look at four of the most popular ones here!

    Beauty Box Subscriptions…are they Worth the Hype?

    Today I want to dive into the topic of whether or not to subscribe to a beauty box. Their popularity has really grown over the past few years and it makes sense why. The idea of having all different brands and sizes of makeup, skin care, and hair products shipped to your door each month is very appealing. Not to mention the fact that the value of the box is often 2-3x what you paid! Here are some more pros of subscribing to a beauty box: Prices start at $10/month, so it’s easy to find something to fit your budget Most boxes include high end brands, like Tarte, Smashbox, and…

  • Food

    The Best Chunky Buffalo Chicken Dip

    I don’t know about you, but I LOVE dips. And I’m not the kind of person who just lightly coats the end of a chip in dip. I load that baby up! That’s one thing I love about this buffalo chicken dip. It’s not the thin, liquidy version you’ve seen before. It’s super thick and full of chicken and celery chunks to really make it a meal, instead of just a snack. My family has been making buffalo chicken dip for years, and we always used Marie’s blue cheese. Do you know which one I’m talking about? It (and other salad dressing type blue cheeses) made a great dip, but…

  • Life

    5 Tips to Get in the Spring Cleaning Mindset

    It’s that dreaded time of year again: spring cleaning time. Actually, it’s not so bad. You get to open the windows, let in some fresh air, get out all of that dust from the winter. You always feel so good after it’s done, but finding the energy to actually do it is sometimes harder than the cleaning itself. That’s why I’ve compiled a short list of ways to get you into the right mindset to start your spring cleaning.   Make a to do list I love lists. There is nothing more rewarding than the feeling you get when you check something off – honestly, I sometimes write things on my list…

  • Looking for some fun games to play at your next party? Check out my top five here.
    Event Planning

    Top 5 Adult Board Games for your Next Party

    My family LOVES board games. As long as I can remember we have all gotten together for family dinner and game nights. (For something a little different, check out my post on the Murder Mystery Dinner we had here). Now that my generation is a bit older, we’ve started doing ‘cousin’ ones at my cousin Brittany’s house. I honestly hope that it’s a tradition that we always keep within the family because it keeps us close and it’s so fun! As we’ve grown, so has the level of the board games that we play. By that, I mean, that we have ventured into the more ‘adult’ games. We all have…

  • Food

    Meal Prepping for Work Lunches 101

    If you’re like me, you don’t have a ton of time during the week to prepare lunches. If you’re really like me, it’s more that you’re lazy and just don’t feel like it. This is why I like to spend my Sunday mornings meal prepping for the week ahead. What is meal prep to me? It means sectioning out foods to be ‘grab and go’ for packing my lunchbox in the mornings. It’s also meal planning to make sure I have all the right ingredients to last me the week. I’ve found that meal prepping has actually saved me a ton of money too. If you saw my post last week about…

  • If you're saving up for a vaca, check out my money saving tips here!

    Five Tips to Help You Save Money

    Do you have a vacation coming up? What about an expensive eyeshadow palette you’ve had your eye on for the past few months? Or maybe you’ve got a family birthday coming up and need some cash for a gift. Whatever it is you’re saving for, I’ve got a few tips that I’ve been using to save up for my family vaca. At the end of April my cousin PJ is getting married in Tennessee and I couldn’t be more excited! To make it even better, after the wedding my mom, stepdad, aunt, and I (and possibly my sister and her bf) are going to head over to Myrtle Beach, SC…

  • Five things to know when using Tretinoin cream.

    5 Things you Need to Know when Using Tretinoin

    Today I want to share with you my story using Tretinoin to clear hormonal acne. When I first started using it I had no clue what I was doing and ended up completely drying my face out. I was so self conscious because my face was peeling all the time. I figured I can’t be the only one so I I’m gonna go over five things you need to know when using Tretinoin. Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links. If you purchase something using one of these links I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you. First off, what is Tretinoin? It’s a topical medication,…

  • You deserve a pamper session! Read my new post to see how I like to pamper myself and relax!

    How to Pamper Yourself to Beat the Winter Blues

    In the winter time, I find that I need little pick-me-ups a bit more than I do when it’s nice out. Maybe it’s because it gets dark out by 5. Maybe it’s because I tend to stay in more – who really wants to go outside when it’s freezing out? And, let’s be real, as an introvert I don’t need much of an excuse to stay home lol. Either way, a little pamper session is just the thing to get me all nice and cozy and to beat the winter blues! Depending on whether or not you want to throw a bath into the mix, I would start about an…

  • What are your plans for 2018? Check out mine in my new post!

    Happy 2018!

    Ok, so, I know that 2018 technically started over a month ago, but I believe that January is a trial month so the real 2018 starts in February. Anyone agree? Instead of reflecting on 2017, cuz, let’s be real, it sucked – I’m gonna focus on this coming year. Things that I plan on doing, things that I want to do, and my goals for the year. 2018 Plans Family vacation! My cousin is getting married this April in Tennessee, so my family is turning it into a week-long vacation. This time about three years ago, I think, my cousin PJ met a woman named Jessica online and he flew from…